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Unpredictable Driver Installation And Multiple Usb 2861s In Device Manager



:blink: A week ago I bought two easy VHS systems, one for my XP Pro desktop and one for my Vista 64 bit laptop. Three days into my frustrating installation attempts it became clear that my XP machine was infected by a horrible virus Kaspersky could not find. So while our Russian friends are working on that issue, I'd like to discuss my Vista installation.


OK, here's what I've got:

HP Laptop - pavilion dv4 notebook PC

AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72 2.10 GHz

RAM: 4GB Vista 64 bit (service pack 1)


As for the question of other related software installed on this PC:


I have no other Roxio or Sonic software currently or previously installed.

I have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed.

I also have Nero 8 installed.

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9





The software installation is finally going smoothly, but even when I plug the hardware in before loading the software I get unpredictable results. And as mentioned in another discussion on the forum I was sure to turn down all offers by Vista to find some generic drivers on its own. On the rare occasion I did manage to get the Roxio Drivers installed, the picture was jerky and the sound was distorted. The times that the generic Vista drivers somehow, and I don't know how, managed to install themselves, the picture was great but there was no sound. To avoid doing complete full software installations over and over, I downloaded the stand alone driver software available from Roxio and tried to resolve the issue with that software after the program had been installed.


I swear I could not achieve the same results twice even when following the exact same procedure, sometimes the USB 2861 device would appear under “sound, video and game controllers” in the device manager, sometimes it would appear under “other devices”, but often it appears in BOTH locations as though it were two different pieces of hardware! In addition, the Roxio drivers and the Vista drivers would unpredictably install in various of these locations – sometimes not at all. Sometimes they appeared to have successfully installed but then never appeared anywhere in the device manager though the installation software insisted they were there. The bottom line – none of it worked. I am now on my 8th full day of trying to get these two systems up and running and so far I have had no success. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




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The truly best suggestion I would have for you is to Format both systems and start fresh!


Then you may want to take a harsh look at how you do things with PCs and where you go with them. Things like you describe do not happen if you are reasonably careful with your PC habits.


You only install drivers ONCE! If you don’t go to the effort to uninstall them, they stay on your PC forever. Thus you don’t get on and off results. That indicates something else is taking place and back to paragraph 1…


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