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Can anyone help me?



It doesn't look like there's many people on these forums but just maybe someone can help me I need to down load the installation software for the roxio usb video capture and this company doesnt seem to haave

interest in assisting their customers which I do not understand I paid for the product and have been un able to get any assistance what-so-ever and I am extremely disappointed I have installed the creator 2009 and have been using it since last sept. but many of the features do not work and/or are very slow and the usb vc will plugin and work to import videos up to the point when I hit capture now and then everything "freezes" up !!! :angry2: I have emailed for help, I cannot seem to find live chat help, and I do not know what to do!!!


I think all I need is the software/driver for the usb vc but I can't get any response please help me!!! :blink:

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Here is the entire document!




It is such a simple device that no manual is needed. But if you didn’t follow the included sheet you don’t have the correct driver.


I also did a little write-up about it, Here, which might help.


Look through that and let us know where you stand. – there are 64,400 registered members here. Someone will help.


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