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Urgent (of course) - Rendering to any format ends unsuccessfully

Sol Rosenberg


I've got a two disc project underway - 55 copies of each disk needed by next Tuesday. First disc is done. I created it by making a 48 minute movie (raw video in several formats and lots of jpg slides and background music) in Videowave 11. Then I opened MyDVD and imported the videowave file. I rendered it to ISO, burned the ISO. Works great.


Second disc - same process as first. Final videowave file is 59 minutes long. I render it to ISO, and it stops at various spots during the rendering process and just goes to 100%, leaving an ISO file on my computer that doesn't work. It does not stop at the same spot each time. I go into videowave and "output as" to about 8 different formats - each time it stops at a different point (could be 40 minutes in, could be 53 minutes in) and stops for "unspecified error". I tried splitting the videowave file into two videowave files of 30 minutes each, importing them both into MyDvd and rendering an ISO from that. Same results - ends early, creates useless ISO file.


I'm rendering in software, High Quality.


Just for fun, I tried in hardware - same results.


Also just for fun, I went back to my original successful MYDVD project and tried to render it to ISO again. Now it doesn't work - it stops early and creates a useless ISO file.


I've just checked my graphics card - it is up to date.


This sucks. I've got a showing Tuesday night, and 55 people expecting a copy of this film. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm almost considering dumping the whole project and creating it in Premiere Pro 2.0 at this point, though I don't see how I would have time to do that, and I much prefer the Videowave interface (which is why I used Roxio in the first place!).

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OK. I defragged hard drive. I fixed the cineplayer decoder pack problem. I tried again. It failed again.


Then, I tried to render an ISO using Hardware rather than the much-supported-on-this-forum Software method. It worked! Is the quality of the image lower than what I would get with software render? Not that I can tell. Who cares... now I can sleep.


THanks for suggestions.

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Have you installed SP4 for Creator 2009?


Creator 2009 sp4





Try defragging your hard drive.



I tried the SP4 and it said I already was up to date. I'm going to defrag the hard drive right now.


Another thing I should add - I think sometime between when I successfully burned the first disk and then started having all these failures, I started getting the message to install the "Sonic Cineplayer Decoder Pack" on startup and sometimes when I insert a DVD or CD. It never installs. Possibly related?


I'm also going to look into that, since I hadn't considered it may be related, and just considered it an annoyance while I'm trying to finish this project.

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