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What's the diff between SoundSoap LE and SoundSoap 2?



BIAS is selling SoundSoap 2 (and Pro but that's different class of animal). It looks like SoundSoap LE that is in the Toast 10 Pro bundle but what is the difference? Seems like maybe the regular SS2 can be integrated into a host app.


Is the code for both SSLE and SS2 the same with same results when used as a standalone app?


I have a couple of audio issues I'm wondering if SSLE can handle.

* One is the 60Hz buzz of baseball stadium lights, overpowering nasty stuff on my video's audio track. And no way to get around it as the whole stadium buzzes.

* My videocamera has developed a high pitched whine in the audio so I have video with audio that has the whine. I assume SSLE should be able to get rid of this easily.


Also does SSLE have the learn mode for reoccurrences of noise? And can this be saved as a preset?

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SoundSoap 2 and SoundSoap SE 2 are the same except the former also can be launched as a plug in within some other audio applications whereas the SE 2 version only works as a standalone application. Here is what Bias states in the description when preparing to install SoundSoap SE 2:


SoundSoap SE is a high-quality, yet easy-to-use, noise reduction and audio restoration tool. By adjusting just a few controls, unwanted hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, clicks and crackles, and other background noise can removed from almost any digital media file – including digital video (DV), digital audio workstation tracks, cassette/analog tape recordings, vinyl LP recordings, and more.


SoundSoap SE incorporates suggestions from numerous audio and video editors who all had one thing in common: noisy audio, and the desire to clean it up quickly and easily.


Unlike the full retail edition of SoundSoap, SoundSoap SE operates only as a standalone application running on the Mac operating system.


Users interested in running SoundSoap as a plug-in within Audio Units, RTAS, or VST hosts may upgrade to the full edition of SoundSoap – and for even more advanced audio restoration power, a crossgrade to SoundSoap Pro is also available.


I particularly like how it removes background hums and noise by "learning" that noise to remove it. I think it should work well for what you are needing.

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