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Converting .VOB Files Failure: Error -50




Toast 10 won't convert .VOB files for me.

I get a -50 error.


I bought Toast 10 for my new iMac because it advertised that it could convert .VOB files and VIDEO_TS folders.

I have several VHS home movies that I recorded to DVD with my VHS tape/DVD recorder,

which records in .VOB files.

I would like to convert the .VOB so that I can use iMovie to edit.


Here's detailed description of what I do/what happens

(Sorry if this is too long, but I figure that all the info can help,

so you can know what I'm doing right/wrong from the start):


I open the Toast window and put the tab to "Convert", highlighting "DVD Disc".

I load the disc I wish to convert.

In the Disc Copy window

"Read from: 'DVD-RW/CD-RW"


Video: Main (0:51.45, 4:3, NTSC)

Audio: Main (Unknown Language Dolby Stereo)"


I click "Options" and another window pops up with Video and Audio, listing drop down boxes, and also a video preview that works fine- including the audio (so why the "Unknown Language comment above?)

The Video drop down has three choices-

"Main (0:51.45, 4:3, NTSC)" -this is the default

"All (1 movie and 3 extras), 1:35:23)


The Audio drop down shows "Main" greyed out and won't allow any changes.


I click the red record button and the Player Setup window appears.

No matter if I choose "Device: Quicktime Movie" with a default of "Quality: Custom" only-

or "Device: MPEG-4 Player" with "Quality: Standard", or others,

the Preview box shows:


Video: None

Audio: None

1 Track, Duration: 00:00"


And when I click on the "Convert" button, I always get a

"Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS error.

Result code = -50


The error also repeats when I drag the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD and put it into the "Video_TS folder section of the "Convert" window.


Does anyone know about this problem why Toast 10 won't convert .VOB files as I described?

Am I doing it wrong?

What is a way that Toast 10 will convert .VOB files that will work?


Thanks for any help.



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Most (or maybe all) standalone DVD recorders create very frequent (about ever 30 seconds) time code breaks in the video when recorded in video mode. If you DVD recorder allows you to record in VR mode to -RW or +RW discs the time code break problem doesn't appear.


There are two things you can try with the DVD that is giving this error. One is to use the Toast Media Browser to extract the video from the disc to the hard drive. The other is to use MPEG Streamclip to repair the time code breaks.


I'll start with the first option. Choose DVD video as the format in the Video window and choose DVD with the top button of the Media Browser (if you don't see the Media Browser activate it in the Windows menu). Double-click on what appears in the browser window and drag the title(s) you want to the Toast Video window. Toast then extracts the video as a single VOB file. When that is done set up the menu the way you want and choose Save as Disc Image. My guess is you'll still run into a problem but it's worth a try.


Assuming that didn't work you'll need to get the freeware application MPEG Streamclip which also requires Apple's $20 "QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component." The latter can be purchased as a download from the Apple Store. Open your DVD in MPEG Streamclip and choose Fix Timecode Breaks from the Edit menu. Actually, Streamclip probably will alert you to the time code break problem. When the repair is done (it takes less than a minute) choose Convert to MPEG from the File menu. Now use that exported MPEG video in Toast and all should go well.


I mentioned VR-mode discs. These do not require being finalized but are only playable on your DVD recorder. However, Toast's Media Browser can extract the MPEG video from the VR-mode discs just as I explained above. Since those don't have time code break issues the extracted MPEG video will work in Toast.

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Hey, tsantee...

Thanks for your advice.

It was right on!

Sorry it took so long to get back to you,

but as you figured, I had to get MPEG Streamclip and Quicktime MPEG-2.

Then I had to download 'em and find the time to work on them.

I know you say that you're not a Roxio employee...

But you SHOULD be on their payroll!

If not for you, they'd have an unhappy customer.

Good job and thanks again!



(And, yes, I couldn't get online with the same screenname,

so I had to create a new one just to let you know that you solved my issue ;-))

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