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Installation frustration



Hi Folks,


I am sharing the absolute frustration that I am reading about in these threads. I purchased Creator 2009 online May 2, 2009 and have been trying to install it without success ever since. I have opened 2 technical assistance tickets to resolve the issues also with no success.


I have a Dell XPS M1330 running Windows vista Ultimate. The computer came with an older version of Roxio which worked successfully. I then bought a JVC Everio HDD handicam and decided to try to create and burn a DVD. I opened Roxio software which came with the computer and was advised that I needed Creator 2009 to recognise the digital audio on the camera.


I bought and downloaded creator 2009 online. Two files were received: Creator2009_11.0.exe 792,584 KB and Content_7Lang.exe 874,768 KB. I removed what I understood was all the Roxio related software in my computer through Control Panel, Programs and Features - uninstall. The install stalled which lead to the first TA ticket which revealed that the install involves downloading and installing Microsoft . NET Framework 3.5 which was already on my computer. I removed all Roxio related software again and also removed the .NET Framework software. Then tried to reinstall Creator 2009.


Once again the install froze and received an error message saying windows explorer encountered an error and shut down as a result. The software appeared to load successfully however doesn't run propoerly. When I try to try to open Capture video nothing happens- no response from software. When I open plug and burn the software recognises the drive in the camera but below I get a message "no recognizable disc in drive". My computer recognises the camera so I can cut and paste files from camera hard disc onto computer hard drive. However then when I try to launch Edit video - advanced I get an error message "No permissions to launch application".


Roxio tech Assistance recommended:



Click Start and click Control Panel.

Click User Accounts and Family Safety.

Under User Accounts, click Add or remove user accounts.

Click Create a new account.

Type in the account name. Select the account type: Administrator.

Click Create Account.

Select the account you just created. Click Create a password.

Type in a password for the user account and an option password hint.

Click Create password.

You will now be able to log on to the computer using the account name and password you specified


I do not want to open a new account just to use Creator 2009. My current account through which I work has me as an administrator.


Sorry for the lengthy email but I really am at a loss where to go from here and am thinking of just getting my money back and working with Premier..... :-(









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You don’t “capture” from a HDD Camcorder, you simply copy the files over to your PC and work with them directly. You are correct the Dell 10.2 DE version doesn't do video at all.


You are trying to run on a laptop that doesn’t even have a video card… That alone can produce problems but may work.


The “not launch” condition normally is fixed with the update of Creator 2009 SP4.


However, the Permission Error indicates a OS glitch…


So before you do the Clean Install this time, you need start by setting up a new User Account in Vista and make sure you give the account full administrative privileges. You can delete this account later and leave the program intact.


Then I would delete the .NET 3.5 and lastly run through the Vista Clean Install as Big Dave indicated.


The SP4 update should take place during install near the end. If it doesn’t we can fix that too.


Reboot, log on to that account and put it through its’ paces, the first being open the Home app and look at Help – About. Does it show the SP4 update??? If not Help – Check for updates. (or from the download BD listed)


If programs do not start from the Home app, see if they will start through the Start – All Programs menu.


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