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Burning BD-R slow performance



I'm 30 minutes into burniing from a Tivo file to 25GB BD-R and I'm at 1% completion. At this rate it will take 2 days to complete the project. My environment is:


3GHz Intel processor with 2GB RAM

ASUS AH3650 graphics card with HD compatibility and 512MB RAM

LG Blu-Ray disc writer, model GGW-H20L connected via USB cable

Creator 2009 Ultimate with SP4

VideoWave11 is getting all the processing cycles it needs

Hardware encoding

Input is two TIVO files. One is a 2 hour SD movie and the other is a 1.5 hour HD movie

Fit to disk mode


Am I incredibly under powered or is there something else I can do to speed things up?

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Yes, I would figure on about 43-44 hours to render 3 ½ hours of BD with your PC.


My 3Ghz takes about 12 ½ hours for a 1 hour project…


Now running on my dual core 2.2 Ghz drops the time for a 1 hour project to a mere 2.2 hours so 3 ½ would take about 8 hours and change…


I Don’t know if a Quad Core would improve that???


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