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iMovie seems to be ok but what about edit in FCP ?



Since iMovie did away with the time line I have been slow to grasp the whole new way of editing. However,thanks to a lot of TUTs and info guys like you put out there,I am starting to get the drift of iMovie '09. Question is,will i be able to also import the DVD movie into FCP to do fairly aggressive edits of my (and others) ancient VHS,S-VHS,Video-8 etc tapes? If yes,any tips will be very welcome. TIA RockyOne Australia.

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If you want to do much editing I believe the workflow will be easier and faster if you capture in DV format to FCP in stead of MPEG-2. The lowest-cost way to do this is get a used DV camcorder such as some of Canon's old ZR models that do analog-to-digital transfer. Note that those Canon camcorders need their remote control to activate the feature, so don't get one that doesn't have a remote. Also, not all DV camcorders have analog-to-digital transfer but most do.


Aside from a DV camcorder the Canopus ADVC devices are superb although a bit expensive.


MPEG 2 video cannot be edited in FCP without being converted. The Easy VHS to DVD for Mac is ideal for those who want to only do some basic trimming of video before burning to DVD because it captures in the same format as the final DVD.

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