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More Flickering



Most likely it isn’t going to run on a Laptop as they just don’t have the hardware to do video.


Hi Jim - I have a brand new HP Pavillion with 4mg Ram... and I too am having trouble with the flickering when I am transferring both from VHS and from my DV camcorder. Do you really think the product will not run well on a laptop?









The device thinks your tape has anti-copy on it. Because anti-copy is nothing more than an artificial video error, actual errors can sometimes make digital conversion devices act up like they would on a copy-protected VHS tape.



This is interesting - the VHS tapes I am trying to transfer are all backups of super-8 home movies... is it possible that the Roxio is reading the flickering of the film as an error? I can't get the software to work at all without incurring a capture error after just a few seconds.

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I split this off as the Topic was becoming too large to follow…


Laptops… too vague to predict! Some are lured into a store and buy a $300 laptop. Not going to do video with that – ever!


Now there are some other video programs that will run on a low end lap but Roxio is not one of them and if you use them and Roxio you will be glad they don’t!


I have been using this product since October 2008 (7 months) and have yet to see a flicker with it. Oldest tape I used was from mid 80’s, more than 20 years old and the tape had been reused many times before I filed it away…


I think each case is different but essentially there is not a good signal from the source (VCR) to the device.


IF you have XP you can use Windows Movie Maker to capture with. Won’t work in Vista as MS removed the ability to use USB Capture…


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