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will not detect drive to burn



Ok I don't think I'm stupid?

I am using Creator 10 with Win XP. I have burned in the past although not much. when I went to upgrade to an AGP card, the pc guy said everything else on my pc was golden. Eveything I have done as far as building this particular project has been fine other than the periodic freezes and crashes. I have tried over and over again to burn project to disk with know success. Like some of the others who have written in the program will allow me to click burn, then after about 2 hours when all is complete, there is still no video on the DVD disk. First problem a few weeks ago went through process and when finished it said could not copy/burn image file, but in set up it allowed me to check the dvd box and allowed me to choose drive and write speed. NOWWWWWWWW!

in setup I cannot check dvd box, there are no recorders to choose from, and no write speed to check, however at the bottom it will allow me to click on burn but there is nothing when I am done. I have a LaCie external nec dvd rw nd3500ag usb device and in Device manager all is good concerning working properly. My burner plays DVD's with no problem, but when I try to burn from videowave - MyDVD or DVD builder I get NO DRIVE DETECTED. Please somebody, I know you are out there, will you plese rescue me from this hell.

Thank you.

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Try this PXEngine to see if it can fix the broken registry entries. Download it, extract the exe. Run hte exe, then reboot.


**** PX Engine 3.0



One other tip for you. Instead of burning direct to a disc from MyDVD, burn to an image file [.iso] of the disc instead. Then use Video copy & convert to burn the image file to the disc. Saves having to go thru the whole rendering process if it does fail, and it also gives you an easy way to make multiple or additional discs later if you want or need to.

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