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Error message - The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removalbe disk that is not available





I'm not sure what the sequence of events are that caused my problem but I think that SP4 might have something to do with it.


The symptoms that I get is that the Updater (I think) is trying to run a update and it looks for a file (I think it is UM.msi) but cannot find it. I then click on cancel.


This pops up all the time and is busy driving me nuts!


How do I solve this problem?






Just to add some details - it also gives me an Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product Roxio Creator 2009. The Windows Installer cannot continue.

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No not the update, but defiantly time for the Clean Install…

I seem to be having the same problem and a clean install of Roxio 2009 makes no difference.


I am running Windows Vista Home Premium. Every time I hit the Windows-E key to start Explorer I get a message saying that it is Installing and then Configuring Roxio 2009. If I let it run to completion then it completes ok. However, next time I restart my PC it will do this all over again. If I open the start Menu and select Computer and so open Explorer that way then this doesn't happen. I think it might be something to do with installing right-click options for Explorer.


Today I installed Norton Utilities and used it to clean up the registry and other things. I figured that might cure the problem but it made no difference. Indeed, now, when I start Norton I also get the Roxio installer coming up. Hitting ESC gets rid of it.


I have completely uninstalled the version of Roxio that came with Vista. And completely uninstalled Roxio 2009, and re-installed it all over again from scratch, but nothing fixes the problem.


Any ideas?


Kind Regards



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Looking through the Windows event log, it says that it's doing this because a component is missing...


Detection of product '{7A7B3764-7F17-4AB1-A1D3-3B01F5F07445}', feature 'Mandatory', component '{97F81AF1-0E47-DC99-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E}' failed. The resource '' does not exist.


Detection of product '{7A7B3764-7F17-4AB1-A1D3-3B01F5F07445}', feature 'Mandatory' failed during request for component '{7695604B-1A99-49F3-9F47-9435A98EA2DD}'


I have a downloaded version of Roxio 2009 and it came with two items to be installed (which I found surprising when I expected only one) these are called...


FN56IA50R13_Creator2009_11.0.exe and



And they were installed in that sequence.


Does that spark any ideas?


Kind Regards



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