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CD front insert prints wrong



I have Creator Ultimate 2009 and am using Label Creator to design and print inserts for a standard cd jewel case. I am using Avery #8693, which can either print 20 front and back insets or 40 Standard/Slimline inserts.


When I go to print the front insert, I first make sure that I have selected the proper (front) section at the bottom of the window.


Under Media I have selected "commercial paper" There is no Avery 8693 under Paper Type, so I chose Avery 8696, which I think is the combo pack containing the 8693 insets and the 8692 cd labels. To the right side, the print preview window shows the front cover positioned at the bottom of the sheet, which is the correct position.


When I actually print the insert, it prints at the top of the page. Does anyone know why this would occur? I'm using a HP Photosmart C7180 printer. I've tried every other choice that has the label at the bottom of the page and every one prints at the top of the page. (Naturally, I'm using plain paper to test.....)


The printer has been callibrated for the rear inserts, which I was able to successfully print (using Avery 6691 U-card, as there was no choice for Avery 8693) and the inserts printed perfectly.


I'm at a loss as to why this would be. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks for your help.

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In label creator on the print page, click preferences and use the fine tuning V and H to move where it prints on the page. Experiment with different values for V and H (use plain paper and just printing outline to sdave on ink and Avery paper). Once you've got it in the right place, remember that each time you want to print, click on prefrences and check the fine tune box before printing. Although the values of Vand H are stored, the fine tune box is not kept checked.

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