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no recorder

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I just installed ECDDVD6 and I just get the message "no recorder" whenever I try to do anything. anyone know what I need to do?




ok, so I'm really stupid and didn't read the post two below. I'll check it out.

Pinned to the top of the Forum is a post called FREQUENT ANSWERS.


Read it, and come back with enough additional information for us to be able to help you.



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I was finally able to get my WIN XP Pro to recognize my recorders after having tried all of the suggestions

listed to date. My drives were recognized in Windows/Sytem/Hardware devices and they worked with

my Realplayer program and I could burn media to disks. For some reason my Easy CD Creator 6 just

quit recognizing the drives.

I was able to restore the recognition problem by: 1. Uninstalling the program 2. Ran Roxizap.exe

3. Installed Disk Creator and DVD Builder only by using the "custom install" option

4. Rebooted and started the program and "Voila" There was my PX 712A recorder listed. Great

5. I reinserted the program disk and selected the "modify" option and added the Drag to Disk and

the Label Creator programs and installed them.

6. Rebooted, started EZCD Creator and all was normal again.

7. Rejoiced as a Happy Camper

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