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Did you follow the clean install instructions without skipping any steps?


Clean install instructions for Creator 2009 on Windows XP




Load the software to your hard drive and boot up in "safe mode" and try the install. Then apply SP4.




I have been reading the countless issuses posted about installing Creator 2009. I don't undestand it. After all this software has been around for a while.


After 5 days of trying to load Creator 2009 and working with tech support, I finally got it loaded only to have no icons and no .exe program to run it. Yes, I have done all of the work-arounds that have been posted and some additional ones. When I ran the cineplayer from its directory (yes, I'm an old timer) it told me my video system was too weak and quit. I have no trouble running DVDs with everyone else's software.


I see from the posting that uninstalling, reinstalling and updating to a previous version of .NET 3 will help. That is madness!


Someone tell me this: With all of the good software out there, is roxio worth all of this work-around after work-around? I would gladly pay 4 times as much to have something work out of the box.

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There are some that have trouble and it is frustrating for them…


I have loaded it onto 3 separate PCs and done so many times for testing and not had a problem… The people who buy – load – and use, don’t come here and post! Why would they??? If you go to an AA meeting would you conclude that all humans are drunks?


When it first came out we identified 4 potential troubles and each has its’ own specific solution. Apply the wrong solution and guess what??? It won’t fix it!


You do not have it installed otherwise it would be there and working…


If you want to throw in the towel, OK.


If you want to get it installed we need a list of your PC specs (including that stupid .NET) and need to know if it is download or box. Also how far are you willing to go? Even to Format C:\???

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Thanks for your speedy reply. I can see from your many posts that you are really committed to Roxio and to helping people.


My question was is Roxio Creator 2009 so wonderful that it would be worth the time and effort? I haven't used Roxio since its early days. I bought my boxed version because it had the hardware and software to convert VHS to DVD.


I think you are wrong in your comment that implies that only problem people post. People who are really happy about what they have are eager to tell everyone. My company does not advertize. Yet, it has 4 million perferred customers, 174,000 distributors and 64 consecutive quarters of growth. They rely on word of mouth and only release products that work.


Next, the only way I will consider re-formating my HD is if Roxio currupted it.


Why did you write about AA? Are you saying that only drunks have trouble with this software?


The Original "Rocknroller".

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