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back on track schedual


when doing an automated backup the software use to stop and ask me if i wanted to erase the current dvd and i clicked yes and it finished the operation... suddenly it just tells me to insert an new dvd. any ideas?


thanks greg

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RW discs have a finite number of times they can be erased and re-written, usually less than the manufacturer claims. It may be your disc has reached its limit.


RW media is fine for testing because it can be erased if something doens't work, and then reused. (If whatever works, burn it to R mecia, and the RW disc can be erased and used for something else.) However, it is notiously unreliable for long-term archiving.


If your data would cost more than the cost of a DVD/R to replace (less than 50 cents), it would be a bargain to use R media in case you ever need it. You may be getting off easy by having the RW disc fail before you need it.



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