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Need to edit DVD of live conference -- can Toast do this?



I have been tasked to edit some objectionable segments out of a tele-conference DVD. I've been told that Toast can do this. Just need to ask a few questions.


1. The DVD is about two hours long. The objectionable stuff is maybe 2-3 short segments of a few minutes each. I was thinking of extracting and dumping the whole thing into iMovie, doing the edits and re-burning to DVD.


I don't know how this works on the extraction, but there are two VOB files of 1GB each, so the whole DVD is over 2GB. That's big. Is Toast robust enough to handle files of that size, or will I have to wait forever for it to process the extractions, etc?


In essence I guess I will be extracting three segments that total nearly 1 hr. 45 min. of video, then I will have to marry them back up again. The settings have to be the same, the quality on the output has to be the same. I'd re-burn to DVD and hand it off to the person who has to play the DVD.


When they punch the button on the DVD player, it has to be the same experience that people are used to from other conferences in this series. I can't have a dropoff in quality.


Hope I explained that clearly. I just need to know if Toast is the product that can do this, or if something else is better.


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Toast has an editor which lets you mark any segments that you don't want in the final copy. The steps are to drag the VIDEO_TS folder from the source to the Toast Video window with DVD-Video selected as the format. Next, click the Extract button. This opens the video in the Toast Video Player which is also the editor. Mark a start and end point for each segment you want to remove, choose Save and close the Video Player. Prepare the menu the way you want in Toast and burn your edited DVD.

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