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Inability to burn a movie comprising slides onto a dvd

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I have prepared a movie containing numerous slides, in about seven separate menus. The movie is over 3GB. I tried to burn the movie to a DVD (six in fact) without any luck. This is the first time I have ever tried to burn a DVD even though I have had the Roxio ptroduct for several years. The burning process starts OK. The Phase Progress bar shows 100% but the Disc Progress bar stops when it gets to about 4%. I have now wasted 6 DVD discs and cannot understand what is going wrong. Can anyone assist me? Thank you.


I am not sure if there is a link between my problem and the fact that Windows Service Pack 2 suddenly vanished from my PC. I have since reloaded SP2. It may be a coincidence.

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Windows Service Packs don’t simply ‘disappear’… Either you deleted it or the virus you have on your PC did.


Check it out!


V6 Builder Limits:

60 minutes at Low Compression, Est Project Size 3.385gb

95 minutes at High Compression, Est Project Size 3.354gb


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Hi Jim


Thank you for your reply over one month ago.


Although SP2 has been successfully reinstalled onto my PC I have not yet tried to burn my 3.563 GB project, preferring to work on a smaller project to determine if the burning process works. Are you indicating that my project is too large to be burnt successfully by Version 6?


Until I resolve a problem relating to the Volume symbol on my Task Bar I don't want to attempt burning the second and smaller project and wasting yet another DVD.


My volume problem appears to be directly related to the Roxio software. Here is what I posted to the community website today.


Can anyone please explain why whenever I open a project in DVD Builder the Volume control located on the bottom right hand side of my PC's Task Bar reverts to minimum. This results in no sound being heard from my speakers when I preview the project. If I then click on the Volume icon I can slide the volume level up so as to hear the music. This is extremely frustrating. As I have not yet tried to burn a project I am not sure if it will have an impact on the sound in the final project. Although I purchased my Roxio project a few years ago I have never had a need to burn a project until now.

I have another problem relating to burning a project but will leave that for another email request. I have sent a query about that problem to Roxio on three occasions but have never received an answer, which is also very disappointing.


Your thoughts are welcome.

Thank You

Paul (The Grey Nomad)


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Those are the limits for Builder…


“Limits” = exceed and it will fail!!!


V6 isn’t too nice about that, anything past those limits is ignored.


All versions since then simply will not even start a burn if the time limits are exceeded. V6 was the very first Roxio Video program and was one of a kind and never seen again…


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