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Hard Drives


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Hard Drives - Internal or External


Whatever Make:

What is the life expectancy on these drives....



What do you want the hard drive for? Long term storage, something to capture videos to, programs, other? What do you want to pay, how fast do you want to search for information on the drive, etc. How large? Raid? Read the reviews.

I have two rather small hard drives in my computer, I have an external half Tb as file backup (in a hard drive dock) and a small external hard drive as a system backup. (Not to mention a couple of others on a shelf). I have the web site where I can download original images and do back ups of specific folders to DVD for storage. If I do a project for someone, I remove everything after they approve the DVD project. I don't need images, movies, music that I probably won't use again. I do put the original images on the DVD that I give to them so they can download and print what they want.





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Thanks Steve,

I have read that

Life expectancy of a hard drive - on a discussion board - mention of "Hard drives usually last about 5 years"

I was just wondering if it was time to change my Ext HD's as they are fairly old.

I use them for long term storage, all my work: pics, docs, music, films, programs, web pics and files etc..

I think as you mention,

I'll do back ups of specific folders to DVD for storage.

Thanks again.


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Some manufacturers will quote a MTBF (mean time between failure) for a particular hard drive. The higher the MTFB the longer you can expect the hard drive to live. However, excessive heat will shorten the MTBF for electronics in general.

Taken into consideration.. :)

Cheers Dave..

thnx :D

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