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Split a Videowave File for youtube

Sol Rosenberg


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I have a 49 minute Videowave movie. I want to split it into 10 minute chunks so I can post it to youtube in 5 parts. Is there any simple way to do this?


No easy way. Here are three ways of doing it; pick the easiest way of doing it for you.


1)Making use of scenes in Video Wave. Use manual or automatic by time. Watch this video.




2) Put the video into Video Wave and make the splits you want. Save the project. Select one of the sections of video, select copy, go to open a new project *this is why you need to save the original) and paste the section into the new project. Select the film reel icon and "Output" the video to a format YouTube will accept. Save and close that project with a different name or designation. Repeat as necessary.




3) Split the original file as above, save it and then delete everything you don't want ouput and then open the original and delete , etc.


All of the above work because you never chnage the original file unless you overwrite it.

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