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I finally got Creator 2009 SE installed !



Hello Frustrated Roxio Creator Wantabe's !


I did not think I would ever want to come back to this site after the headache I have had installing Roxio Creator 2009. But, I thought I would share my success with some of you who are experiencing the same frustrations I was. I bought a Roxio Creator 2009 Special Edition with hardware from Sam's Club this week. Let me just say that I have had many different error situations described in this forum - like at first it looked like it installed successfully, but then could find no files and no icon on the desktop. Then, another time I got the 000D error, then another time I got the "interrupted and can't be completed" error, then my computer wouldn't even acknowledge that a disk was inserted... See? I tried a LOT of things, but this is more or less what I think ended up working. There are some "Clean Install Instructions for Creator 2009 for Vista" floating around on this forum - find them and print them. You may not have to follow every step though - I didn't. It tells you to disable all of your startup programs - I did not have to do this, but I did manually disable all of my virus protection - I have Bit defender and Windows does some too. So I went into these and turned them off (turn them back on when you're done). Then, it tells you to uninstall Roxio Creator 2009 - I didn't do this because I never got it on my computer. Then it tells you to download a clean up utility - I skipped this also. I did do the next steps. Because I had a Basic version of Roxio loaded that came with Vista, apparently this was interfering. I had to uninstall each of the components (about 5-6?) Don't worry about losing them for good - Vista will allow you to reinstall them any time if you want (go to help and type in "reinstall"). Then, I did the registry stuff - exported and saved it, then deleted any roxio files that I found. (Couldn't find the wow6432node folder though). Then, restarted and it loaded. It took a while since it is 2 gigs, but it installed fine and works - can't say how well yet b/c I haven't had a chance to work with it much. This will be clearer once you've read over the Clean Install Instructions. That's all! I wish you much luck and success with yours!


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Glad to hear you got it installed and no one will argue that the Install should never be this difficult! :huh:


The Clean Install for both Vista as well as XP isn’t floating, it is pinned right up top in this forum.


Not to pick your post apart but there some errors with the conclusions your reached…


Namely, there is no conflict with previously installed versions of Roxio – save one! The Easy VHS to DVD program is built off of Creator 2009 so it will conflict. But no OEM supplied version is worth keeping and I always recommend that you, Dump the Junk the first time you boot the new PC! :rolleyes:


And NO Roxio product is part of Vista… You are confusing the OEM supplied version as well as their Recovery Partition of the HDD and program to reinstall. My personal opinion, these to are junk and just taking up useful HDD space. When the HDD fails (they all do in time) that Partition will be gone too and unless you got a CD set, you will be up that dark creek… :lol:


Thanks for your post!


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