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codex confusion! :-o





have just uploaded a home movie to a well-known web-movie hosting site. couple of months ago i did the same thing through Roxio and selected the H264 'best' codex because H264 is supposed to be the smoothest codex for the web. But i converted my movie to H264 and this time the host rejected it! i then uploaded the same movie in a default WMV broadband-friendly file and it uploaded in record time (used to take hours) and, much to my surprise, the quality of the upload, for WMV, was quite good


what's going on please? you go to all the trouble to convert a movie to H264 and it a.) will not upload / cannot be recognised and b.) a WMV file comes out looking good anyway? :o


a year ago if i'd uploaded in WMV i would end up with a pixel-blocky video, hence the interest in other codices: has something happened so that WMV files can now be 'quality compressed' - the web is changing so fast how are we supposed to keep up with these - if so - innovations: is there somewhere on this forum where all the latest web/codex advances are discussed please?





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If the file is being rejected, that would be an issue with the site you are using. Maybe they have changed their requirements. I would suggestion checking with that site for their requirements.


WMV has gone through many changes over the years. Most sites use Flash video (FLV), but I don't know of any video editor that supports output to that file type. Probably a licensing issue.

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