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The audio on a dvd is very poor. There is a cd recorded on a separate device with the audio of the same content. Can I import the dvd video and remove the audio from the dvd and replace it with audio from the cd and then burn a new dvd?


yes, you can.


Rip the audio from the CD to your hard drive (in wav format)

Copy the Video_TS folder from the DVD to your hard drive or import the video using Media Import.

Launch myDVD and add the imported movie.

Switch to the timeline and mute the native track audio.

Add the ripped audio to the music track

Burn the DVD.


This is the basic outline of what you want. There are various other ways of doing it.

Instead of using myDVD, you could use Videowave and Output to a mpeg2 file to see how the audio synchrinises. If happy, you can the use the mpeg2 file in myDVD to burn the DVD.


If there are menus, and/or other movies then things get a bit more complicated.

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