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VideoWave Markers and MyDVD Chapters



Creator 2009 is the 3rd version on this software family that I've bought/used. The last was EMC 9.


In ENC 9, the markers I put into the VideoWave production were automatically converted to Chapters when I did the create Chapters in MyDVD. This action seems to have been deprecated, or else I'm not hitting the right buttons.


In Creator 2009, I have to go back to Edit Movie from MyDVD and manually convert each marker I want to be used as a Chapter marker. Am I seeing the behavior correctly?


So, my questions are:


1) Am I missing some checkbox or something that prevents the automatic marker to chapter conversion?

2) If the new behavior is to go back and check each marker individually, does anyone know a short cut to select them all at the same time?


Not a biggie, but I did like the way it worked in EMC 9 better and just thought to ask in case I'm a victim of old habits and I need to be re-tooled.

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You are correct in your description of chapter markers in Creator 2009 (it's also true for EMC 10). :(


Like you, I like the way it was in EMC 9. And I hope that functionality is put back in future releases.



Is there a means to provide input into the release requirements that drive the development process? I know if I was the manager of a software program, I would appreciate constructive comments and suggestions that would lead to a better product.


I have a few other suggestions that would make my life easier and entice me to shell out the money to upgrade, etc.

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