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Sony's Blu-ray Goof


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PC Magazine's Lance Ulanoff, attended a special Sony event and his inquisitive reporter fingers disclosed a weird and funny moment. The story goes that Sony celebrated a decade of VAIO innovation at a party in New York city.


The true star of the event was a bleeding edge Blu-ray VAIO notebook PC (the AR) and a tiny "Micro PC," the VAIO UX. The 17-inch laptop not only sports a Blu-ray player, the drive can even burn Blu-ray discs—a true first....or was it?


On one table Sony execs proudly displayed two ARs playing early Blu-ray content: The House of Flying Daggers. They even had the Blu-ray packaging.


So exciting...but WAIT! I went ahead and ejected one of the Blu-ray drives to see my first Blu-ray disc. Instead, I found a crummy, old school DVD+R, complete with the Sharpie-written, House of Flying Daggers. Apparently even Sony can"t get its hands on Blu-ray content!


This is rather embarrassing for Sony. But, what I would like to know is how they got that movie on to a recordable disc? As we all know it is against the law to rip movies that are encrypted!


Full article- http://gearlog.com/blogs/gearlog/archive/2...5/16/11622.aspx


Pictures - http://gearlog.com/blogs/gearlog/articles/11657.aspx

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