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Noob DVD burning question



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I had an .avi file, I burned it to a disc, and now I have no sound on my DVD, what should I convert the .avi to so that the sound will play on my dvd player?


Your question is s a little like asking how to build a car ! The first place I would start is to use some of the help files. You probably made a data DVD with the avi file on it although it should play on your computer. Read about DVD discs, mpg2 format (required), how to make and burn a DVD. Toast has some great help files.


What type of AVI and where did you get it? Were you able to play it on your computer with audio? If so what program?

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I play all my DVDs on VLC. And I guess I will look over the help files, I am just really confused and new to this.


Cameron, You first said that you wanted to burn an avi file to a DVD to play on your DVD player but now you say that you play all your DVDs with VLC. When you say DVD player, do you mean the thing attached to your TV or VLC. Why do you convert? VLC should play a DVD avi file.


You said that you lost the audio. Are you sure it was there to begin with? How did you burn the avi file to the DVD? as a data disc or as a DVD (movie).


Where did you get the avi file? If you download it, there may be some copyright protection involved.

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