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International version?



I purchased creator 2009 from the german roxio shop (download) and having problems to get a running installation.


I installed the product on two computers with no success and support is unable to help continuing to ask already answered questions or giving the same solutions that have been tested and reported as non working.


PC A is running Vista 32 bit english version where I get the "skin not found" problems on starting some of the Creator 2009 applications even with the unicode language set to english (followed the recommendations in topic=44296)

PC B is a notebook running Vista 32 german version. Here parts of the applications do not even get installed. (only the basic burning applictions) There I cannot install SP4 or the content CD because it depends on Creator 2009 Installation, which it does not detect.


I suspect, that I do not have an international version of Creator 2009 causing my problems. Where can I get such a version as a last try before junking Creator 2009?

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If you are unable to install the software on 2 different PCs where others around you can, it is not logical to assume the fault is in the software…


The ‘Skin’ issue only comes up with Language issues. To my knowledge, all that have had it, resolved it by following MDecker’s suggestions.


There is the possibility that laptop may not be sufficient to run the video apps.


For the laptop I recommend the Vista

Clean Install. If it does not apply the SP4 at the end, go ahead and run it yourself.


In any case if there are error messages, we need to know what they say, German is fine.


Likewise your PC specs would be handy to know what we are dealing with – video card or chipset is important.


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I tried several complete deinstallations and installations using your clean install description - even removed .Net installation. It didn't help.

I tried the separate installation of SP4 from the downlaoded pkg. On the notebook it does not recognise that creator is already installed, and therefor quits out saying so.

In the meantime I went back to WinOnCD 10 on the notebook without problems.


There where no error messages during the installation, I could send you.


That's why I think the downloaded software might not be a proper international version. If you could send me a link to an international version, I'll try again.


The hardware I'm using is

A desktop model is an Intel core 2 6700 2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM, NVIDIA 8800 GTS

B notebook model is DELL M1330, Intel core 2 2.0 GHz 3 GB RAM, nVidia 8400 GS

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