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Direct CD/DVD Printing on Epson R1400

Andy B


I have an Epson R1400. The Epson Print CD software that came with the printer works perfectly, in so much that it aligns on the disc tray and works for images and basic labels.


However, it doesn't have all of the editing and layout features I'd like to use in Label Creator. But I can't figure out the dimensions, offsets, and locations of the pages setups.


When I look at the pre-created setups for other Epson printers, and try and equate them to the CD caddy that I have for my R1400 they simply don't make sense.


Can anyone help me? I've found the .jmp files and I've copied one and made my own R1400 file, but that's as far as I have made it.


Thanks in advance.

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You should be able to use the R800 setting. I have the R1800 and that one works for me. You have to also set the printer driver AND choose the template.


Thank you very much. I guess if I would have been more persistant I would have got it. LOL


I recorded the steps that I used and sent them to a friend of mind who has the R1800 and it worked for him as well.


1. Place a printable disc in the printer.

2. Click File/Page Setup

3. Choose ‘Print to Disc’ for Media.

4. Choose Epson 800 for the printer type.

5. Click File/Print

6. Choose your printer

7. Click ‘Properties’

8. Make sure the Source is set to ‘CD/DVD’

9. Make sure the Type is set to ‘CD/DVD’

10. Size should be ‘A4 (210 x 297)’

11. Click ‘OK’ Printer Properties Box.

12. Disregard the Recommendation to calibrate the printer.

a. It only calibrates on regular paper it doesn’t support the CD/DVD tray.

b. Click the box ‘Don’t Show Me Again’

13. Click ‘OK’

14. Do not click the Print Test Page button.

15. Click ‘Cancel’.

16. Click the box ‘Don’t Show Me Again’

17. Click ‘OK’.


Thanks for the insight.

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