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Graphic artifacts when trying to burn a DVD

Stan 32


I am new at burning DVDs.


I created a slide show in Windows Movie Maker, and saved it as a .wmv file. I then burned a DVD using MyDVD v 9. Although pretty simple, I was able to successfully burn the file and create a usable DVD.


Since then, I get these strange graphic artifacts that show up on the My Menu screen. I get colored ghosts or plaid graphic patterns that can be seen while creating the DVD title, during the Preview Mode, and they are captured onto the burned DVD.


These occurs when I try to burn any WMV or AVI file. I can make clean copies of my original DVD.


I am using an HP/Compaq computer with 3.4GHz processor and 3 Gb of RAM.


My video card is configured with the Intel 82945G express chip set family. I've updated the video drivers.


Any thoughts as to what is creating these unwanted graphic patterns?



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Do you even have Creator 2009? You cited “MyDVD v 9” which is a completely different software.


Since you only have a graphics chip, as oppose to real graphics card, you will most likely need to go under Tools – Options – Render and make sure you have Software selected.


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