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I cannot write in CD-RW



I have Easy Media Creator 7. Until some time ago I coud write to the CD-RW without any problem. But now I can only read the files I copied to CD-RW but no add new files to them. If I read the Properties of the CD-RW with the Windows Explorer, it says that there is no free space (but in fact there are only a few files on them, or they are completely empty).


If I format a new CD-RW, the same thing occurs: I cannot write on it.


I have Windows XP with SP3, and also Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 installed on my computer.


Thanks in advence for your help.

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Hello Pere,


From what you've said it looks as if you have been writing to CDRWs formatted with Drag-to-Disc [D2D], instead of making standard CDs with Creator Classic.


When the disc is formatted with D2D, a special UDF 'volume' is created on the disc and the files are put in that UDF volume.


Something has broken the special system that Drag-to-Disc uses to access these UDF volumes, and because of that Windows can't put files in there any more.


I can see a couple of options here that you might think about.

[1] Uninstall D2D and then reinstall it. This way you hope to replace whatever got broken, by a fresh install.

[2] Give up on D2D. The 'packet-writing' system it uses isn't very reliable anyway. You can still use your CDRWs after you copy your files off and ERASE them. You can write on an erased CDRW with Creator Classic, writing in sessions, and can keep adding sessions until the disc is full or you 'close' it. After that you copy any files you still want off it, and erase it again for another re-use.




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