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Problems with "capture now"





Maybe my problem was already discussed, but i couldn't find any answers to my question...


I've already read all the topics about problems with capturing etc - fyi


So my problem is:


I've connected my vcr with my laptop via the Roxio USB device (to a USB 2.0 port) with my VCR via Scart to S-Video and the two Audio Connectors.


Everything was installed correctly and worked so far.

If I try to capture a video - Plug and Burn or just capturing a video - I can't press the "capture now" button, because it is grey.


Secondary information:

Windows Vista Home


As far as I read in all the other topics I've connected and installed everything right... I've also pressed the "play" button on my VCR when I tried :rolleyes: - but the capturing-button remains dead.


Any ideas or suggestions where I could have made a mistake?


I'm really desperate because I spent so much money and nothing is working... :unsure:


Thx and greez




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I am sorry, I somehow thought I read XP in your post whereas it clearly states you have Vista! WMM in Vista cannot capture with the USB Device.


The posts that Steve linked to are most helpful to getting it setup.


I have another, Here, on using it in Creator 2009 which may be useful after you get it installed.


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You did not say if you can see and hear anything in the Preview window?


Likewise, since you have XP, can you capture in Windows Move Maker?



No I can't see anything in the preview window... but I've checked the connection form the VCR to the PC about 50 times and there is everything as it says in the User Guide...


I did not try another programme becuse I just bought this one because it was advertised as "so easy to use" :) - and I don't know how to capture videos with other programmes...


Is it possible, that the USB Device is not working? - Or that it's a general hardware-problem?


Greez Liz



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