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Motion Menu Question and Playlist.



Hello All,


I am trying to create a menu with a still background, but with a video embedded within the menu that would play as the motion menu.


I used to be able to do this in Ulead DVD Workshop 2. I would add a video within the menu, put a frame around it, and then it would play as the motion menu. Then I added same length music and it worked.


I tried doing the same thing by going under buttons and choosing Button Video, then I took the video and dragged it into a filmstrip frame on the menu and it showed the first image. I noticed that I can set which image to display first, which made me realize that this is not the function I wanted.


Then I tried adding a video and making it as the background alongside what I did above, and both background and motion button worked together. Any way I can just have a still background with video playing in a button?


Finally, I used the Playlist feature to play my 3 titles that I had in my DVD. I played the authored DVD and for some reason, after title 1 is complete, the screen goes black and the time keeps on going with nothing happening. It takes me pressing the next button to go to title 2, otherwise it is black screen that seems to go up in time indefinitely. However, when title 2 finishes, it goes to title 3 no problem. So the issue is from title 1 to title 2, is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

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