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Photoshow 5 crashes



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Photoshow 5 crashes when I do the following.


> Click on "Make"

> Click on "Create a Photoshow"

> Wait for 5-10 seconds and it crashes.


Any idea what could be causing it?


Roxio or other? On-line or desktop? Premium account or basic?


Is this a new problem or the same one in your other post? One thread per issue, please. Q&A is a two way street, two people must ask AND answer.


* You uninstalled and reinstalled. Have you checked your computer for malware?

* Have you checked for viruses?

* When was the last time you defragged your hard drive? How much free space? Do the defrag!

* When you installed PhotoShow, did you have your antivirus running? Many times AV software does not allow all the items to be put into the registry properly.

* Do you use a registry cleaner? Set it to ignore Roxio software.

*Use CCleaner to get rid of all the junk files and use Revo uninstaller to again delete the application; use the third option down.

* If you have a premium account, try PhotoShow 6. Download it from your account page.

* And most important, let us know what worked.



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