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Can't figure out how to edit TiVo video





I've just installed Toast Titanium 10 on my Mac running 10.5.6 and also applied to Toast 10.0.2 update.


I've been able to transfer files from my TiVo series 3 to my hard drive and can play them, but I want to edit out commercials and such before I archive the video.


I can open the TiVo file in Toast Video Player and bring up the editor. I click on the button at the bottom center of the window with the two little triangles. The triangles appears below the timeline bar, and I can move them around. I position the triangles so the video I wish to delete is between the triangles, and the timeline bar has turned yellow between them. Then I press the delete key. The two triangles dissapear, and a puff of smoke appears in the timeline bar where the triangles were. I expect the that video clip to be gone, but it isn't.


When I close the window, it asks me if I want to save, and say Yes hoping that this when the video will be deleted, but when I reopen the file, no changes have been made.


I've searched Roxio's web site for supports notes or documentation about this, and nothing I've found seems to help.


Any suggestions?



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You almost have it right. After placing the triangles do NOT press delete because you are not actually deleting anything. What you are doing is marking the areas you want Toast to ignore when making a DVD or converting the video to another format. After you place the markers choose Save and close the Video Player (or just the window) and return to Toast. You'll see that Toast now reports the video as being shorter in time than before. That's all you have to do.

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i have tried this twice and it still will not bypass the edit points. i did exactly what you said and i close the player/editor and it asked for me to save, i click yes. i am returned to the toast box and i hit record. when it is finally finished the commercials are there. what am i doing wrong? thanks in advance


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