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Direct CD and alternatives?



My 'old' computer (Windows ME) has Easy CD Creator 5 Basic and Direct CD Format Utility installed. I make mainly data CDs and DVDs by both 'burning' and 'drag & drop' - I prefer the latter method which, for me, has not proved unreliable.


I'm about to have a new computer with Windows XP and SP2 pre-installed. There won't be much else on it (if anything), so I'm looking for CD/DVD writing software that will enable me to 'burn' and 'd & d' data discs much as before. I'd like this software to be able to read/write to discs created with ECDC 5 and Direct CD.


Easy Media Creator 8 seems far too well specified for this simple requirement, and also appears to be incompatible with Direct CD. I thought of using ECDC 5 Platinum, but have been advised that this is incompatible with XP plus SP2.


Can anyone suggest software that might meet my requirements, or are they impossible to fulfil?


I intend to keep both my old and new PCs operational, provided they can be persuaded to talk to each other!

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XP will read your DCD disks without anything extra needed.


EMC V8 has Drag to Disc which is fully compatible with V5 DCD.


Both programs as well as DLA & InCD are called Packet Writers. No packet writer has ever been accused of being reliable!


They are OK for transferring files between one PC and another when no other means exists, but should never be used for backup/archiving!


Most of us use Classic and write a Data Project without setting the Read Only (Finalize) option. This is called Session writing and even XP has that built into the OS. – written for XP by Roxio.


Likewise, external HDs have reached a point where they are faster and easier to use for a lot of this type of work.

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