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Can you capture from a VHS player?



I purchased the Roxio Creator SE 2009 package with the bundled USB video capture equipment. My computer is running the latest updates of windows XP and meets ALL required specs listed on the website. I've installed the USB driver, followed by the software. All installations went through okay.


Problems arise when I try to capture video using either 'capture video' or 'Plug and Burn'. Once switching the input to the USB device it brings up an error message saying, 'unknown capture error.' I've tried switching to this input with the video stopped, in play, and paused with the same results. Windows movie maker also doesn't recognize the device.


I can provide any additional info if neccesary, but can someone PLEASE help out? Thanks.

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Do you happen to have Roxio VHStoDVD installed on the computer also ? (That won't work if that's the case, as they are not compatible together). You say that "all installations went O.K."---Was the USB capture device in the USB 2.0 port (hopefully on a USB port on the back of the PC rather than a front one) when you installed the software and driver ?? When you plugged the capture device in the port, did you get the operating system default wizard trying to install the driver--N.G. as the software installation installs it. So you need to cancel out of the default OS wizard installation immediately.





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