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insufficient permissions?



Ihave a number of EyeTV files that I recorded on my Intel Mac. These were converted to a disc image file for recording to a Dvd, using Toast v10 Pro that I recently upgraded to. So far so good, the Dvd was composed with menus and fit to disc was selected for the burn. Pressing the record button stubbornly displayed an error dialog (50 or 54) that says I dont have the required permissions to proceed. What's going on? and how do I get Toast 10 to burn?

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I just want to walk through your workflow to make sure if I understand this correctly.


In the Toast Video window you set up everything to make a video DVD of the EyeTV videos. You chose Save as Disc Image


You now want to burn those disc image files to DVD so you selected the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window and chose one of the .toast image files. Instead of burning the disc you received the permissions error message.


Is this correct?


I don't know why that would happen. A workaround is to mount the disc image, choose DVD-Rom (UDF) as the format in the Toast Data window, click New Disc and name your disc, and drag in the contents fo the mounted disc image file. You now should be able to burn your disc.

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