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Tennessee ingenuity


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This is how they grow it in Tennessee "weed". This grow was underneath a

house in a cave. The entrance was through a secret hydraulic door in the

garage that led to a concrete ramp that went about 50 yards into the

ground. Inside the cave was living quarters and a secret escape hatch that

led you through a tunnel that exited via another hydraulic door that

opened up a rock on the outside. It was very elaborate. The set up

allowed them to harvest every 60 days which resulted in multi-million

dollar sales. One of the guys busted was living in a house on the water

in FL and had a nice yacht.

One of the agents here in Nashville worked on this for 5 years

before the warrant was finally served in December."



Pictures you have to see this!



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Can that be a laser printer box next to the "Dayton" box ?? Looking a some of the reinforcing steel in a coupl of the photos, it would appear that it had been there for years, even though i suppose in a damp invironment it could rust pretty fast. Now that's a lot of POT !!! :)



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The best one I've seen involved a series of 40-ton shipping containers buried about 6 feet underground on a farm, with a hatch to the barn.


This one beats those, hands down. :)


Cannot beat the human factor in all of this,

fact... it doesn't mater how many people know about it, someone will always spill the beans to someone...

fact.. it may be the best setup, but you cannot disuse the smell and of course someone will always query the reason why you need 20 pure UV lights? and for what ever the stupid reason you gave, they know the reason why you want them.

Fact... once grown, you need to move it or sell it, and there are always people watching that side of it....


You Going to get nabbed in the end....


Just buy it from Mexico.. its legal there ...he he he :huh::D

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Guest mlpasley
in a damp invironment it could rust pretty fast. Now that's a lot of POT !!!


Looks like those plants are in a 'soil less mix' and drip watered and they've got fans to keep the air circulating. It's about as maintence free as you can get for growing crops.


It's not only a LOT of pot, but I'll bet it's pretty potent too when grown under ideal conditions like that.


It's amazing that they kept it secret for 5 years.

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