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Creator 2009 and Canon HF10 problems



Hi guys,

First off thank you for this forum. I'm learning a ton of info.


I have a few questions. When hooked up via USB, my HF 10 is seen by Vista, but won't show up in the drop down box in video, under capture.

Only the web cam shows up. How do I get my 4 hd videos on the mem chip in the HF 10 into creator 2009? Any ideas??

Creator 2009 dosen't see the HF 10 in the play & burn area either.


I am taking the video on the highest setting on the HF 10. My goal is to burn a copy of the video in blu ray as well has a dvd that will work in a regular sony dvd.

Can creator 2009 do this for me??? When I watch the video out of the camera on my plasma tv, the picture is tack sharp and perfect. My goal is to capture that the best I can on DVD. I have both a blu-ray player and a regular sony dvd.


I have a very fast laptop. Is there a better program for what I'm looking for??


Thanks for all your help

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Is MyDVD part of Creator 2009 or is that a separate purchase as well, like the BluRay plugin??

(I really appreciate your help with my newbie questions)


What would I down convert to??

Easy to check – MyDVD – File New Project.




Do “AVCHD” or “AVCHD, no menus” show up??? If no you would have to buy the BD Plug in.


By down convert, Gary was just explaining that if you have HD source files, like from a HD camcorder, VW or MyDVD will down convert them automatically to use in a DVD Movie.


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What would I down convert to??
Hidef is 1920X1080 or 1280X720

Standard definition is 720x480 only. Even widescreen has to fit in that same 720x480.


When you add a hidef file to MyDVD and you have chosen a regular video DVD project (first two in the list that Jim posted), then MyDVD will re-encode the 1920x1080 or 1280x720 to widescreen 720X480. That way any DVD player will be able to play the disc.

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I have MyDvd Express.

I'm guessing it's a slimmed down version of the real thing.

I will be (trying) to burn some videon on Thursday night. I really appreciate all your help.

I'll let you know how it goes


Thanks guys


Yes, myDVDExpress is a slimmed down version of the full myDVD. You should also have myDVD though as part of your program. Look for it (from the Roxio Creator 2009 Home page) under Vide-Movies/Create DVDs-Advanced.

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Actually, you don't need Roxio to 'capture'. The HF10 should show up in My Computer as an external hard drive (just another drive letter).


Open My Computer

Plug in the HF10 and turn to Playback mode

You should see a new drive letter appear in My Computer

Double Click on that drive

Explore the folders. One will have files with .mts or .m2ts file extension

Just copy those to a folder on your hard drive like My Docs/My Videos


To create Hidef DVDs, you need Creator 2009 with the Blueray plugin or Creator 2009 Ultimate which includes it. MyDVD will then give you an option to create AVCHD to Standard DVD.

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Thank you for you reply. When I get home from work today, I will try to import the video files the way you explained.

I do have 3 more quick questions for you if I may...


1) I noticed in the info about the blu-ray plugin that I will need a "Blu-ray burner". Is that just a regular DVD burner and I just need to use blank blu-ray disc?? Or do I need a special blu-ray burner??


2) I bought my copy of Creator 2009 from Costco. I took a long while but it did install on my laptop. I then tried to install it on my desktop and it gets to the point of tranfering the files, (.framework.net, Direct X 9.0) then the program stalls and then I get a box that says it can't finish installing and it has me exit the setup. Any ideas why??


3) Do you suggest any make of blu ray disc??


Thanks again for all your help



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A Blu-Ray Burner is a Blu-Ray Burner!


Just as you cannot burn a DVD disc if you only have a CD Burner, you cannot burn a BD disc unless you have a BD Burner…


Make sure you check the system requirements very closely as many PC simply do not have the horsepower to run a BD Burner!


Figure on about $250 for a Burner and $3 a disc for the single side or about $25 for a double layer disc…


Verbatim is a brand we don’t hear complaints about.

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Creator 2009 with the plugin or Creator Ultimate can burn AVCHD to standard DVD. These are burned in the Blueray format so they can not be played back on a regular DVD player. Requires a Blueray player or playback on the computer. This format is not supported in WinXP without a special driver, but is supported in Vista. I have a hidef camcorder, but still haven't taken the Blueray plunge yet. LOL


MyDVD can down convert hidef to regular DVD and it looks great.

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