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my disk has only drivers, directx, and acobat reader.



I am trying to install my software and the only setup is for drivers. Is that correct? I mean I was thinking that it should be more to it than that. I have installed other software, and it was totally different. I was told when I purchased it that I needed the creator software also and it was bundled. But I don't think that they are compatable, plus that software won't install at all. I think I will take both back and get my money back. I might have a hard time, but I will not be a happy camper. I thought Roxio was better than this. This has been a nightmare...

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O.K, Let's start with this---


If you purchased the Roxio VHStoDVD program, it came with a users guide, an installation disc, and the USB 2.0 Capture device.


Please note: If you are running Roxio C2009 program, you cannot install VHStoDVD on the same computer. Thay are not compatible.


Place the USB capture device in a USB 2.0 port on your computer (best to place in a port on the back of your computer rather than a front of case port)


Place the installation disc in a DVD drive and if you see a default operating system wizard trying to install a driver, cancel out of it imediately. The VHStoDVD installation disc will automatically install the driver (remember--have the capture device plugged in a USB port) Let the installation do it's thing. It will install the USB capture device driver AND also install the program for the VHStoDVD program as well.


once that is complete, you can also install (from the program disc) Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it installed on your computer (That is an extra if you need or want to install it).


After all that open up your "device manager" and cursor down to the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" line and click on the small "+" next to that listing. If everything installed correctly you should see a line or listing for the USB capture device.


Check back and let us know what happened, O.K. ?



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