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How I do update codec DivX 6 to DivX 7 to REMC 8 do ?


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Dear Jeanrosenfeld thank's for your answer. I will read this guide to update my DivX. Thank you again.


My PC have next hardware:

MoBo Aopen AX4SG Max

3 Gb ddr pc3200 Kingston

Hd Seagate 120 Gb

Hd seagate 250 Gb w/p

Pentium IV HT 3.0 Ghz FSB 800 socket 478

GPU Aopen nVidia GF 5700LE-256 Mb

Viewsonic VP171b

EMC 8 (old first)

Pinnacle PCTV Stereo 5.9 (old too)

Creative Audigy SE with Labtec sound system 5.1 (old end)

XP Pro SP3

and general hardware & software.

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