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adding audio tracks in Creator 2009?





how do i add extra audio

tracks in Creator 2009 please?


there is only one background audio track (single tracking?:-o) and one sfx track - need to add many more layers to my soundtrack - have audio files lined up and ready to go - please help!


have spent 1 hour going through the Roxio Help Centre / Tutorial - it keeps talking about the mixer and shows me clips of a mixer console but i cannot find any mention of a mixer on C2009, only an audio editor which will not give me multitracking


there must be something to expand the audio tracks in Creator?


please advise :huh:







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In Videowave, go to Timeline mode. Click the Show/Hide Tracks button. Check all the audio boxes in that dialogue window for the audio tracks to show up in Timeline. Note also that beside the main audio tracks, you can go to the internal track of any image or video clip on the Video track and add the same number of audio tracks.

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