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NEW STYLES under the Select Menu Styles window



When I go to the window to select menus, there is a button that says More Styles...., when I click on that menu it takes me to the Roxio web site, but not to a page where I find more styles instead it takes me to just the products page. Are there any more styles to be downloaded? or this is just a link that does nothing but take you to the product page. I have no t been able to find any styles to download.


Can anybody point me in the right direction.

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I doubt very much that there is a big demand for more menu styles. Its easy making your own.


Yes, I have made my own, but I'd like to transfer them from my office computer to my home computer and I cannot find the filenames anywhere on my hard drive. Where are they hidden?

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I don't think there is any package of menu styles being sold now for any Roxio video products. Per my web research, the last ones were for Roxio Creator 8 and for Toast 7.


I've had exactly the same problem.

It is strange that Roxio/Sonic would quit selling what their customers want!

Doug Beyer

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