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Creator 2009 installation Nightmare....



Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum but not new to Roxio, I've used the Easy Creator series on the past and I quite enjoyed it.

I now decided to upgrade to Creator 2009 Ultimate--------What a nightmare.. I've had 3 tickets, 4 weeks of trying this and that. I screwup windows. I re-installed windows and tried to install Creator 2009 again and the same happen. :ninja:

What Happen???? :glare:

The installation appear to be sucessefully but as soon as I tried to run the program from the Home Icon (the star on the desktop) windows reported that an error ocurred and that Roxio had a new version of the software and I should download the upgrade.

I downloaded all the upgrades that roxio tech's advised,, nothing,,, I can't start from the main Icon (the star on the desktop), but if I start the applications individually,, most of them run, excetp Cineplayer that gives an runtime error????

I've requested to re-download the software, but the Roxio guys appear to take into circles, returning always to the same place and getting me frustated and giving up... maybe that's the idea?? Sorry but I don't fell so good :angry2:


Anyway my question is "Is there anybody that installed Creator 2009 sucessefully and it's working as it should???? Please I need help?? or I've to kiss my $'s goodby.

I've tried to install the software in 3 differente computers and had the same results.

Is the Creator 2009 still in a beta version?? :lol:


PC1: Clevo 3.2Ghz, 2mg ram ATI9700 1m 17" wide XP Pro SP3

PC2: Intel 3Ghz Desktop 1 meg Ram 17" LCd Mag Monitor XP Pro SP3

PC3: Intel Duo Core 1.86Ghz 2 meg Ram Ndivia ??? 15"w Vista Home


Thanks for your help


Regards :)





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Thanks for your reply.


I'm suspecting that when I downloaded the software it may got corrupted'


I've a ADSL 316 line (Copper) and is not the fastest thing on the world. It took quite a long time to download and I had to restart the download a couple times.


I think that the best would be to get order a backup cd and try with the cd.


Well if you have installed and is working ok than My downloaded version may be corrupred.




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If you downloaded your Roxio C2009 software from the Roxio website--NO, it is NOT a beta version !!. You said you re-installed your Windows (XP) OS. How did you do that ?? If you started out with a new clean installation of Windows XP and then tried installing C2009 right after that and it didn't run correctly, my suggestion is you have some other problems with your computer. What is the name of the download you got from Roxio for the C2009 program.


If you have downlaoded all of the C2009 updates from Roxio's website, and then installed them after you installed C2009 that should be fine. What are your computer spec's ?? (Hardware and other programs)



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