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Toast encoded BD image "too big" for BD-R disc?!?



I have a HD camcorder. I have on my hard drive hd files of my 2008 trip to Australia.


So - I get Toast 10 Titanium, with Blu-Ray plug in. I get the LaCie Blu-Ray drive, and some Verbatim BD-R media.


I create a blu-ray video project & drop in my files. It says it'll just fit on one BDR.


Now the encoding begins. Almost TWO WEEKS pass as the video is encoded (I'm using a dual G5).


Finally, the moment comes to burn the freakin' disc.


And then....


TOAST TELLS ME THERE ISN'T ENOUGH ROOM ON THE BD-R. ("Need 22.91gb, only have 22.73gb !!")


Did I mention it took TWO WEEKS???


The obvious stuff I checked - no, I didn't accidentally specify a BD-R DL.


Yes, these are 25GB BD-Rs.


No, I'm not much interested in doing a new encode. (I was at least alert enough to hang onto the temporary encoded files.)


Then I thought: "I know, I'll trim a few minutes from one of the clips - I'll use Toast's edit feature and set tighter start/end points."


BZZT. No good. Toast Video player comes up, but it can't open those .264 files. So, no trimming.


I even tried specifying 'no menus' at all -- but that didn't make any apparent difference.


As an ABSOLUTE last resort, I could burn two half-full BD-Rs, one with the first 90-minute (11GB) clip, and another with the 2nd 90min-11GB clip. But dang it, those BD-Rs are EXPENSIVE.


So, Toast buggered me, and took its sweeeeeeeeeeeet time doing it.


Any ideas folks?



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