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First off, let me say that I am not a techie. I can use the computer for what I need to do and that's about it. I have Windows XP on a Dell and have had it for a 3 years. It came with Sonic for burning cd's and dvd's. For some reason Sonic has stopped working and I am looking for the right software. I purchased Music Lab10 some months ago and have not opened it. That was to rip and burn cd's. I have just purchased Roxio VHS to DVD (also unopened) so that I can transfer old analog camcorder tapes and VHS tapes. I need to have a DVD burning software before I can do this which used to be Sonic that doesn't work anymore. From a posting earlier in the year I see that I need to have a capture device to go from analog to digital. If I can find and get Creator 2009 Special Edition will I be able to do everything (All-in-one software) with this and thereby not need the unopened softwares I purchased?

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The Special Edition (Sam’s Club and another outlet here or there) includes The Creator 2009 (Standard Edition) as well as the Roxio Video Capture USB device…


This is nearly what you have in V2D only you lack the DATA burning abilities of 2009.


V2D is pretty complete for Video and Audio but does lack some abilities.


None of these mentioned will do Blu-ray.


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