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Preserving Aspect Ratio






I took some short avis on my digicam and stupidly used portait orientation in some of them. I managed to rotate them for right way up viewing with VirtualDub and they display correctly in Windows MediaPlayer but now I want to combine them in Videowave. However, the programme stretches them to the normal screen ratio - distorting the image.

Any ideas how I can maintain the aspect ratio of the original files. I thought perhaps I could add "blank" space either side but I can't seem to manage it.

Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


Thanks for helping a newbie



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I would have thought that "Portrait" view would be the right way up, but guess not. Have you tried "landscape" to see if that makes a difference, if that's an option ? I guess I am assuming that you can get back the original video again, but that's like water under the bridge now I suppose.


As far as I know, any time you change the orientation, it will also change the aspect ratio as you have already found out.



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