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How does this transition affect those of us that already owned the product before it became owned by roxio?


What about the updated versions that were due out? "MyTV ToGo v3.0" and "MyTV ToGo Plus"


I notice that "Product Registration" now has "MyTV ToGo" and "MyTV ToGo ESD", what versions are these?


If they're newer is there an upgrade path for current owners? (for example the old mytvtogo page is still listing only $18.99 for existing customers to get "MyTV ToGo Plus")


What about the sound/sync issues that existed in the current version?


Can we just get a status/rundown for current owners and their issues?

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I also agree. Since it appears that roxio has now purchased and is distributing the MyTV ToGo product, they need to begin to actively respond to questions about product updates. I for one have been very pleased at how responsive MyTV ToGo customer support has been in providing information and responding to customer concerns. I am sure that roxio is aware of the current client base and potential to have existing customers purchase upgrades. This being the case, it is in their best interest to continue to provide the high level of support previously provided by MyTV ToGo personnel. It would be good to know what the upgrade path is for existing customers, as well as, the target dates for new releases. They also need to know that many current customers, like myself, are happy to work with beta releases and make suggestions for product improvements.

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Thanks for the nice words. Roxio has told me that their goal is to maintain the premier level of support that we have been providing prior to our marketing venture with Roxio. I haven't heard otherwise from any new customers so I assume everything is going spiffy :huh:


As for product upgrades and maintenance releases, Roxio is working on doing the fair thing. I can't speak for them but as a large company it might take them a while to promote their maintenance release and product upgrade strategy. Sorry, all I can say is stay tuned.


Btw … you 'old time' MyTV ToGo customers (yes, you lucky one's who found the gold nugget long ago) can contact me directly though your existing software ... if you look around close enough :). I can help you sign up for beta programs and assist with Roxio crossover concerns if you think you’re not being treated fairly.


I hope you're enjoying the software.



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