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Install EMC 9 on new computer

Willard M


My new computer has a rinky dink Roxio program installed on it at Dell. The Program is Roxio Creator DE 10-2. It has only limited Audio, Copy and Data capability.


I want to install my full copy of EMC 9 on the new machine. Can I install it directly over the other program or do I need to uninstall the DE 10-2 program first? If I do have to uninstall the program can I just use the Windows Add Remove program? Would it be necessary to go into the Registry to get the odds and ends?


Would it be better to use the MS Cleanup Utility program if it is necessary to uninstall?

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Both versions should be able to co-exist. I am running EMC 9 and Creator 2009 on the same PC.


However, if you don't like the Dell version of Roxio then go thru the Control Panel add/remove programs method to remove your Dell version of Roxio. Then scan the HD and delete out all of the Roxio/Sonic folders that may be left over. You can also use the MS Cleanup Utility to help "clean" your PC. If you decide to purge off the Dell version then do so before you install EMC 9. There is update available for the retail version of EMC 9 on Roxio's server. It does remove some functions so you may not want to install it.


Take your own system restore point before doing anything so you have a chance to get back to ground zero.

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I will do that. I am still in tweaking mode right now so it will be a day or so. I will make a restore point like Big Dave suggested before I install EMC 9 over the top of the Dell OEM program. I'm a little apprehensive about doing it that way but I also don't like the idea of uninstalling the OEM program without knowing what other programs it is tied to, if any.


Does anyone know if System Restore will make a clean uninstall of EMC 9 if I have conflicts between the two programs?





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