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Main Title & Chapter Title character restrictions



The Movie Title section allows a bunch more characters than actually printed on my Menu. Huh? I can't find any information in the help section. Does anyone know the character restrictions? I only want to write what will actually be burned for the Movie Title and the Chapter Titles.


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Jim, I think I did not make my question clear. I have no trouble typing my desired titles in the box provided. I did learn that I could type a lot more than actually burned on the DVD for the project title. I did not realize this was a problem, so did not test out the chapter titles (called movie titles). I know the 'movie" titles can be at least 7 characters long, as the default Movie 1 burned fine & was on the menu. But the project title chopped off at 14 characters. Perhaps this depends on the particular menu screen chosen. I have the Easy VHS to DVD and just finished your post of May 7 revisiting P&B. Now I have another question. When using Enhance Picture, this applies to the entire capture, even if you stop the capture? I was hoping to do segments of the VHS tape which are very dark in a separate capture using the Stop Capture feature. Other segments are way too light. Are you saying I won't be able to change the Enhance Picture options after a Stop Capture?

Do you have a link to a full discussion of using the Easy VHS to DVD & all the features? The menu is much shorter than the Creator menu, but does have an Edit section. Once done with that, not sure how to burn the DVD. You totally lost me on the Final Output Options. I have no clue what to use. The trial one I did I guess I let it default. It plays on my Sony DVD player connected to my TV. I'm a total newb at this, so please be patient.

Thanks for any help provided. Trying to make DVD memories for my kids from old VHS tapes.

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Yes you did not make it too clear, for me… I thought you were referring to accent marks and things like that.


Yes the number of characters is infinitely variable! You just have to play with it. Actually short concise titles are far better than a long drawn out pedigree that can’t be read from across the room :lol:


Grab some RW’s, play and make notes! You really want to have a firm workable plan before you pour a lot of creative juice into it!


If you don’t you will find you have painted yourself into a corner and will have to delete everything and start from scratch!


Yes if you set the Enhance picture controls they apply to everything in that capture session. Capture Session = Start Capture to Stop.


Just don't do it! Capture and make adjustments in VideoWave. Not a single Guru here does it in capture and we have been at this from V6 (2003)... Take the advice or reinvent the wheel :D

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