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make disc image and open on another computer



My Samsung netbook does not have a CD drive, but I want to copy some unprotected CDs onto my netbook. I thought I could convert the CDs into disc images and transfer and open those on the laptop, but the laptop says it can't find the right application to open the disc image. I saved it as a .toast file and I don't have Toast on the laptop, only on my Mac. How can I transfer files on a CD?

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I assume you are running windows on that system, and not a hacked version of OS X, right? If it is a hacked version, I would assume it would run just like OS X on anything else, but I have zero experience with it. If it is running windows, you might have a hard time opening image files that were created on a macintosh. You may want to double check some freeware forums to see if anyone knows of any good windows applications that will open various types of macintosh disc image files.

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